Letter from Pennsylvania

From the time I left home in 1964 until I returned in the early 1970s, I wrote a weekly letter home to my folks. When I was on the road there were some gaps in these letters when paper was not available. My folks kept these letters. Here’s the one I wrote while staying with Ann and Jerry in one of their little cabins on a river in eastern Pennsylvania. This is on the stationary of their resort.

NOTE: I wasn’t much of a speller in those days, as you will witness. I’ve left the mistakes as they were handwritten, just for old times sake. Any current notes [are in brackets].


April 13, Sunday [1969]

Dear Mom & Dad—

It’s a beautiful, warm day here in the Penn. woods, after a week of sleeping out and walking. I happened upon Ann and Jerry yesterday morning after a cold night. So I raked leaves yesterday and just got though painting my second oil for them. The first was given to the owner of a fruit stand in N. J. that I passed & was given a carton of cottage cheeze for. Then I stayed with a postman and his family last Thurs. after a day of walking in the rain. I’m learning a great deal—mostly to not anticipate or live in the memories I guess. Anyway conciously that seems to be what I’m learning. One never knows what they are picking up “in their bones” I guess. Also I feel myself growing stronger physically, which is good. I don’t hichhike, but just walk along. Sometimes I’m offered a ride but most the way I’ve been walking. With a box of oils, & the sleeping bag Celesta gave me. Have the warm coat & sport coat you got me also, plus a few other clothes. My sholders have been sore but I’m sure they’ll get used to it. I enjoy the walking. First, I’m in no rush to get to Maine as its plenty cold even here. Too, it has an overall effect of slowing down my general pace, which I think is important to spiritual develope—

[next page. no apparent finishing of the word]

I’ll probably be moving on tomorrow. Today’s painting is blue & yellows & greens accross the top, with a palet knife to give the texture of waves, comming over a white lower ⅔ or so, which is sectioned off in diagonal squers (sp?) by dashed lines going one way and the alphabet and numbers running accros them. Two of the squairs have red filling. Its really not too bad. Its called “A warm smile comes, from the soul, …” I like working in oils.

Take care and I’ll be writing again soon.



1 thought on “Letter from Pennsylvania

  1. rangewriter

    You sound like a very wise soul for your young years, realizing that there’s such a thing as learning in the bones.I don’t think I understood that concept at that age. This was in the days before spellcheck. Oh, how’d I ever write w/o spellcheck and Thesaurus for those times when my mind completely blanks out and the most basic of words teases me just beyond the horizon.


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