Dean’s Train

When I was a kid my Dad bought me an electric train set. It was a Lionel with a small oval track. I was one frustrated boy, finding out that every time I put the train on high it would fall off the track as soon as it hit the curve!

What good is a train that won’t go FAST ? !

It didn’t take much thinking to realize I needed big curves. For forty years, through my teens and twenties and thirties, I dreamt of building a train that would run through my entire house.

One day I went to a local dance club and they had Christmas Tree lights floating through the stage. Knowing tree lights sag, not float, I went to inspect. Wire is what suspended those lights. Two days later I had figured out how to use two pieces of wire, one above the other for dynamic tension, to hold my train in the air.

The next day I was knocking holes in my walls. Six weeks later my train was making a complete loop. And, yes, I can crank that sucker up!

Train w card INT

Here’s a video I shot with my phone. Sorry for the lack of production quality. Seems as amazing as phone photos are the video has a smidgen of trouble keeping up with focus and light conditions —

6 thoughts on “Dean’s Train

  1. JiRo

    Dean, that has to be the coolest train in Boise! I can tell you put some serious engineering skills into its setup and to run it throughout the house via holes in the wall, well that’s just genius creativity. I love your stories and videos as well. Keep on keepin on my friend!


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