King Hill Contraption

I was researching an article for Idaho Magazine about King Hill, a town about half way between Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho. The King Hill Irrigation District had always fascinated me and I made sure to stop by the district office. There I found this unidentified newspaper clipping:

canal cleaner copy

(CAPTION: This is the Canal Cleaner machine that will be manufactured.)

Well. I could not figure out how such a contraption would ever have worked. But I was certain it would not still be working. I was wrong about that. On a tour of the irrigation district canals on June 22, 2013, we were not only assured it still worked, we were taken to watch it. Here’s a little 13 minute movie I made about the experience, including watching it do its thing:  

If you like this movie, you may enjoy checking out the TV shows I produced for public access television. I made these shows every week for two years. You can review the topics I covered under Index of Topics. To watch the shows click List of Shows and then Watch Movie.

4 thoughts on “King Hill Contraption

  1. h2orush

    Wow, Dean, this was really fascinating. Thanks for making this mini documentary. I bet it saves the irrigation district man hours and who wants to clean up that smelly goop by hand.

  2. rangewriter

    And not a computer or internet connection within miles, I’ll bet! Fascinating. All the times I’ve whizzed by this area on my to somewhere else, I had no idea! Great reporting!

    1. deansgreatwahoo

      You are right, Rangewriter. I’ll bet even the timer that used to run it automatically back in the ’60s and ’70s was mechanical. Well, it would have to have been. Glad you share my enthusiasm for this device.


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