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Flower Shade

Boise is in a desert. We have sunny, hot summers.

Not only does the sun make cars into ovens, it is the fastest way to fade paint and deteriorate a car’s interior. For these two reasons I never worry about walking across a large parking lot. The only consideration I have for summertime parking is finding shade.

Winters are different, of course. The low sun neither heats the car up nor damages dashboards. From November to March, I forget about looking for shade.

Every March, when the temperature gets near sixty and we have a sunny day, I find myself thinking, “Is the sun hot enough and will I be parked long enough to heat up the car?”

Not that it really matters. We are in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and our winters are cold enough so when warm, sunny days start in the spring the trees do not yet have their leaves.

Even so, there is one place I can park in the shade of trees even though they do not have leaves. From what I can tell the trees are ornamental pears and their blossoms are thick.

Like moon shadows, I always get a particular joy from parking in the shade of flowers.

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Playing Rapture

Every spring I get to play Rapture.

When I got my house it included a small field of poppies mixed with an assortment of other plants. Included in the plants was grass which, every spring, I grab close to the ground and individually show my special attention to by flying it up into the sky.

Left behind are those poppies and other unfortunates — cursed to remain suffering in the filthy, muddy ground. Cursed to suffer the winds, usually too hot or too cold. Cursed to endure the sun beating onto them. Cursed to face the constant incarnation of death that is Winter, of resurrection that is Spring, of growth that is Summer, and of rotting that is Autumn. Cursed to endure all those Pagan gods.

Raptured into the sky, the fortunate grasses enter a peace that passeth all understanding and join a god that stays the same for ever and ever.